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Brian Spour

Roscoe & Roxy

Our two Cajun pups.

Roscoe (9 in July) was found on the side of the road, with his siblings, as a one month old puppy. I took Roscoe in at end of my sophomore year with the intention of rehoming him, as I had done with many fosters prior…It was insanely difficult for me to wrap my mind around not having him around, so he came home with me that summer. The rest was history for the two of us. My parents weren't thrilled I was bringing home a dog, and would now be responsible for something other than myself, but they were also not surpised as it was only a matter of time. Roxy, 8, was found in a dumpster at 3 months old. I, once again, had zero intentions of keeping her, but she desperately needed stability and loyalty. She still struggles with anxiety and what I can only imagine is trauma from being in a dumpster, but she has made incredible strides, and is truly the kindest pup on the planet. She loves her alone time, just as much as she loves having 100% of your attention. Polar opposite from her brother who has to be in the middle of everything, and has lesser patience.

Roscoe and Roxy are the last little slice of Louisiana that I have left. They have been a part of so many memories, and have watched me grow up. I will never be able to put into words how much they truly mean to me. *crying as I write this*

They have been such a huge part of my life, and now Brians. We are so lucky to share our lives with Brian. He is the most incredible dog dad.



Our Fearless and far too curious Boy!

Roscoe loves adventure, loves to do a protect whenever anyone comes near the house, loves to eat, has to pee on every tree outside. His favorite seat is the middle console in the car, he looooves his belly scratches, and loves to sneak into the bed around 5:00 am to catch some snuggles before we are all awake at 7am. Roscoe is my FIRST and has such a special place in my heart. He has moved with me 10 times, traveled to many places via car AND plane and has watched me "grow up". Roscoe has been a part of so many milestones, and has been the one constant love during many chapters in life that involved so much change, loss and happiness.

He truly my soul dog, and the best part of me to come out of the last 10 years.


Our Gentle introverted princess!

Roxy loves to be on top of whomever is petting her, but also loves to hide away in her safe space when there's a lot of noise or commotion. She knows her safe spaces, and finds comfort in her little areas and will be there until beckoned.

Roxy loves to run and chase every squirrel she sees. She absolutely loves getting pets. She use to be quite scared of people, but she has made strides and will be anyone's bestie in a matter of minutes. Roxy loves to eat food, and is notorious for getting into any food we may have accidently left within jumping reach when we are gone.

Roxy in the last 3 years has started speaking (aka making weird noises) when she's happy. It's never fails to make us laugh when she starts making her Chewbacca noises.

If Roxy could pick any spot in the world to sleep on, it would be her dads chest. If she’s not In her little safe zone she’s ontop of Brian.