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Brian Spour

Angelica and Brian Spour

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Our Story

Brian, born and raised in Canada, moved to Minneapolis Minnesota in 2017 after a last minute job change. He was originally set to move to Edmonton - so much so, he had everything packed and had a deposit on an apartment. A last minute job interview moments before (legitimately moments before) moving to Edmonton changed his plans. He landed the job on the spot and rerouted his flight to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Angie graduated nursing school, in Louisiana, and was set to stay in Louisiana- but life had other plans. Angie Moved back to Minnesota at the end of 2017. There was something meant to be about us meeting - after being in many of the same places at the same time without knowing one another - we finally met at a little dive bar in Minneapolis called Pats Taps. It took a lot of convincing for Angie to agree to meet on a VERY cold Monday night in January. Angie really sealed the deal when she ordered a Guinness (Brian's favorite beer), and challenged Brian to a game of Air Hockey. The rest has been history since, despite Brian leaving for a month just a week after meeting.


We now own a beautiful Tudor style city home that was built in the 30s with our two dogs. After 6 years Brian switched jobs, and is now in the EdTech space, and I, Angie, transitioned into the BioTech world with medical research. We love walking to the local farmers market on the weekend, taking the dogs around the lake, and finding new local spots to eat and drink. We enjoy hitting up a vintage market, going to estate sales, playing sports, fostering dogs when we have the time, and taking on house projects. We have picked up a few new sports to play together, pickle ball, broomball, kickball, spikeball... to name a few. Brian and I really bond through our competitiveness, athleticism, and our desire for spontaneous adventure.


Brian would say it was love at first sight, and Roscoe and Roxy would agree, as they knew Brian was the one instantly! However, It definitely took their mom a little longer to admit it.

I met Brian at a time where I was really transitioning and healing, and recklessly trying to just find some solid ground. I was truly afraid to let someone in, but was yet still so captivated by Brian. For Brian, he met me in the midst of big change for himself, but with a lot of readiness. I am forever grateful for Brian's patience, and his ability to see the potential in me, and his willingness to grow with me. To know Brian, is to know how incredibly supportive, accepting, and kind he is. And if you know me, Angie, you know he's in for one Hell of a ride.

We plan to continue being spontaneous, traveling the world, fostering more dogs, and tasting all the culinary and wine this world has to offer. If you've made it this far, thank you for being a part of our life, and journey together.