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Brian Spour


Engagements in New York

The talented Olivia Nadel took our photos in NYC in a last minute ask. We originally inquired about photos a month and a half prior, but Brian had to spend some time in Canada to sort out some Visa issues which pushed things out a bit. Olivia followed up, and was so kind given our visa situation. We were thrilled to find out she conveniently had a spot open we could take that Saturday….. With one weeks notice! It was meant to be! We love her work, and the fact she does film! We were sad to have our day end, we felt like we could’ve hung out with Oliva all day! 10/10 recommend.

New York will always be a special place for us. We love the energy and everything New York has to offer. From the culinary, the arts, and history- New York will always be Us.

Find us in NYC when we retire- preferably in a beautiful brownstone.